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Dream Seekers are mythical friends who are here to share their dreams and inspire you to follow yours! Bella the Dream Seeker is your mystical friend who wants to share her dreams and inspire you to follow yours. This magical looking fairy with her sweet outfit and posable long arms and legs will become your best friend because she has similar hopes and dreams. Bella sits in her Dream Catcher which has a special place for you to write your very own Dreams. Your Dream Seeker will keep your dream safe and wish for it to come true.Bella is an animal lover! She dreams that all animals will be treated with love and kindness! Her magical outfit reflects this in her edgy kitty inspired style with her purrrfect accessories! Her layered Pom- pom skirt is removeable along with her cute moulded sneakers! Her bright pink deluxe glitter tulle wings give her such a cool style! Product features: Bella has deluxe glitter tulle wings and a two-layered pom-pom skirt. Bella has removable moulded sneakers for that edgy fashion style. Write your dreams inside the Dream Catcher packaging for your Dream Seeker to keep and protect. Every Dream Seeker Doll has a unique "Dream Mark" on their wrist that represents the Dream they Seek and their personality. Bella?s Dream Mark is Kindness and represents the kindness she shows to all animals. Pose and display Bella in the magical Dream Catcher. ontents: A Dream Seekers Doll, Shoes, Skirt and Hair Accessory.
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