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Create your own crystals with the Science4you Crystal Factory Kit! Discover what you can do with crystals and enjoy learning their properties with fantastic kit. Kids will have fun with the experiments included such as creating their own crystals with different shapes or stalactites and stalagmites. This kit includes supplies to cover up to 27 experiments for kids and a 36-page educational book. What you will learn: how to create amazing crystals in whelk and star shapes, how to make fun crystalline eggs and an incredible geode, how to create fantastic stalactites and stalagmites with crystals, how to make giant and coloured crystals and crystalline garden, and how to make a crystal salad and crystalline messages. This kit is made in Portugal with the highest quality supplies and parts. Science4you is focused on raising awareness of science by developing toys and games that allow children to learn while playing in a simple and intuitive way. Young minds will be happy to learn and explore STEM concepts with Science4you kits. The Crystal Factory Kit is intended for ages 8 and up.
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