Living Nature: Giant Golden Labrador (Length 60cm)


Living Nature: Giant Golden Labrador (Length 60cm)

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Ignite your child’s imagination with this giant Golden Labrador?premium toy dog. Constructed with the finest materials, the realistic details of this plush animal encourages nurturing and role-play skills. Golden Labradors, also known as ?Golden Labs?, have different shades of golden fur, from a light cream to a deep gold. They were originally bred to be a loyal friend and a great working dog thanks to their gentle nature. They?re a very intelligent breed so as a pup they can be easily trained. When they grow up, they often work as search and rescue dogs. Whilst they grow quite big and develop a very loud bark, they would make useless guard dogs because they?re so friendly. In fact, they?re often called ?smilers? because they look like they have a natural, permanent smile!?Fast Fact: They?re the most popular dog breed in the world!?